Web Maintenance

Why do I need web maintenance?

The Internet is constantly changing and in order for your website to continue to render properly in new browsers, play well with new software, and remain secure from hackers, code must be updated regularly.

Web Site Maintenance Packages

$50/month $100/month $150/month $200/month
Small Business Web Site Maintenance Package Medium Size Business Web Site Maintenance Service Corporate Maintenance Package Corporate Advanced Maintenance Package
2 Days website maintenance per month 5 Days website maintenance per month 13 Days website maintenance per month 20 Days website maintenance per month

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What does web maintenance include?

  1. High-priority edits
  2. Update links
  3. Fixing image links
  4. Text editing
  5. Meta data tag updates
  6. Website training for additional staff
  7. Full weekly backup copy of your website
  8. Product changes or additions
  9. Post job opportunities
  10. Site facelifts and makeovers
  11. Friendly, personal service.

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Why choose us?

How do you define success? A best design agency? 500-plus successfully-delivered projects in just five years? Serve best core php technology? State-of-the-art setups across the globe? Well? Web Chrome Net is all that; and more.

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    We make unforgettable Brands, beautiful Websites, and useful Applications.

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    We believe in team work. Aim to win people not just brands

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    We help businesses connect with their customers. We love technology, but we love people more.

Our process

Web Chrome Net is a leading web design company. Web Chrome Net provide fully customized solutions to help your brand succeed with eye-catching design and online marketing services. Our website design process will take you through all of the steps required to build a successful website. We will guide you every step of the way.

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